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Practitioner-Patient Relationship: An Evaluation of Perceptions in Ghana (Published)

The relationship between health practitioners and their clients is central to the practice of healthcare as well as essential to the delivery of quality diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It forms one of the foundations of modern-day healthcare ethics; thus, a keystone of general healthcare. As expected of medical practitioners to maintain a serene and professional rapport with clients, support clients’ dignity, and respect their position in the continuous development of health care, patients, on the other hand, are also anticipated not to annihilate this relationship. In Ghana, for instance, this relationship seems not to have obtained absolute appreciation, thereby hindering its helpful effects on healthcare delivery in general. As its purpose, the paper evaluates knowledge and perceptions concerning patient-practitioner relationship in Ghana to understand the context within which this relationship operates. This research -conducted in 2 districts in the Ashanti region of Ghana -involved a sample size of 300 respondents (78 healthcare professionals from 13 health institutions and 222 clients). A systematic search with questionnaires and interviews as research tools were used in gathering data. Respondents (over 85 per cent) exhibited a higher level of knowledge as regards health professional-patient relationship. Respondents were, however, divided as to whether or not this relationship was a positive one in their respective health centres. While some respondents (mostly health personnel) believed that the relationship was cordial, others (mostly patients) taught otherwise. This research is made relevant since there is considerable curative power in proper alliance between patients and health practitioners

Keywords: Evaluation, Health Care Practitioner, Patient., Perceptions, Relationship