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Effect of Motivation by Heads of Departments on Staff Job Behaviour in Akwa Ibom State College of Education (Published)

The study aimed to find out effect of motivation on staff job behaviour in terms of accepting responsibility at work place. One research question and its corresponding hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. Quasi-experimental of pretest posttest design was used for the study. The population for this study comprised all the 206 non-academics (junior staff) in AKS College of Education. The sample size for this study up of 94 non-academics in AKS College of Education was selected based on the department of their subjects. A researchers-developed instrument entitled “Rating Scaled for Staff Job Behaviour (RSSJB) was used to generate information. The face validity of the instrument was ascertained by research experts while the reliability of the instrument was established using Cronbach’s Alpha with coefficient of 0.82. The findings of the study revealed that there is a significant difference in readiness of staff to accept responsibility at work place before and after motivational treatment is accepted. Thus, it is recommended that employers should incorporate and fund motivating staff of the various work organizations through recognition of performance, promotion, awards and recommendations to enhance service delivery; employees should be made conversant with organizational goals and objectives; recognition of performance either on weekly, monthly or yearly basis should be introduced by organizational heads; praises and commendation by heads of organizations to their staff is a very strong motivator; improved welfare packages to include allowances for health care of staff and members of their family should be adopted by employers of labour.

Keywords: Accepting Responsibility at Work Place, Heads of Departments, Motivation, Staff Job Behaviour