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Sachet Water Hawking and Enviromental Effects in Ikeja, Lagos (Published)

The study examines the environmental effects posed by sachet water hawkers and its associated problems in Ikeja, Lagos. The specific objectives are: to examine the socio-economic characteristics of sachet water hawkers, their mode of operation, methods of water sachet disposal, management practice and associated problems. The study utilizes both primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained through questionnaire administration and direct observation in the study area. 150 questionnaires were administered purposively to 150 sachet water hawkers while the secondary sources were obtained from review of related literature on the subject matter. Data collected were analysed through descriptive statistics. Results revealed that 41% of the hawkers engaged in activity due to unemployment. Also, water sachet materials constitute 42% of the waste generation problems in the area which is a major environmental problem. The study therefore suggested that government should enact laws to effect easy collection of tax from the hawkers as their contribution towards economic growth and development. Effective solid waste management practices should be encouraged coupled with public enlightment on the disposal methods. Government should make adequate provision for waste disposal facilities and training of more sanitary agents in the area.

Keywords: Economic, Hawking, Waste and Management, Water