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Harvest Time and Cut-Sett Size Influence on Suberization and Sprouting In Yam (Published)

Suberization is natural healing of wounds in tubers. It has been used extensively in potato seed production and in curing wounded yams for storage. Its use in the production of cut-sett in yam has not been investigated. Current research was carried out to investigate the effects of harvest time and cut-sett size on suberization and sprouting in yam. The experimental design was a 2×3 factorial fitted into a randomized complete block. The results obtained showed that harvesting in September/October gave close to 100 percent suberized sett, irrespective of cut-sett size. Micro-sett, as small as 5g, could therefore be produced by suberization. Suberization technique will eliminate the need for wood ash or pesticides recommended for use in cut-sett production. This technique may, therefore, encourage the adoption of cut-sett for the production of ware and/or seedling yams. Earlier recommendations on methods and time of yam sett production may be reviewed in the light of current findings.

Keywords: Suberization, harvest time, yam cut-sett, yam mega-sett, yam micro-sett, yam mini-sett