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Dignity in the Workplace: The Aspect of Moral Harassment and Concerns about the Adequacy of Greek Legislation (Published)

Dignity at work is related to a wide range of employment issues that face the basic and general question how employees are valued and respected as humans in the workplace. This paper focuses on the psychological and moral harassment, which is considered to be one of the most serious threats of employees’ dignity. First, it examines the broad concept of psychological and moral harassment and its various definitions. Then, it analyzes the legislative framework in Greece and traces the extent in which harassed employees are protected by the general provisions of the Greek Constitution, the Civil Code, the Labor Law, and the Penal Code, since there is no specific legislation regulating workplace harassment. Finally, this paper makes suggestions about the need for a specialized legal framework to be established regulating the psychological and moral harassment in the workplace and highlights the advantages of such an initiative.

Keywords: Dignity, harassment, mobbing, non-discrimination, rights’ abuse

Beyond the Wheelchair: Workplace bullying and persons with disabilities (Published)

Researchers nationally and internationally have reflected on the impact of workplace bullying for employees.  While the impact on women and people of color has been considered, little attention has been paid to American workers with disabilities who face workplace bullying.  This article strives to shed light on the potential frequency in which American workers with disabilities face workplace bullying. As there are no studies on this topic, the essay will apply British findings, to the American population in an effort to develop insight to workplace bullying for Americans with disabilities.  Reasonably, one could consider that approximately 41% of those with disabilities face workplace bullying despite the United States protections for those with disabilities.

Keywords: Persons With Disabilities, Workplace bullying, harassment