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Feasibility of Thermosyphon Solar Water Heating System Utilization in Beauty and Hairdressing Salons in Nigeria (Published)

Beauty and Hair Dressing Salon business in Nigeria relies heavily on electricity utilisation for water heating and production. But, electricity is erratic and epileptic and, not readily available. This means that alternative energy source must be sought for. In this study, the feasibility of providing needed electricity supply for hot water production with Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater (TSWHs) is presented. An experimental setup in which TSWH technology with 1.44m2 flat plate solar collector was designed, fabricated and tested under weather conditions of Minna for three months. Data for the design and fabrication of the test system (quantity of hot water and temperature requirements) wer

Keywords: Beauty, Hairdressing Salon, Solar Energy, Thermosyphon, Utilization, Water Heating