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A History of Quttoo Traditional Practice among the Guji Oromo: the Case Of Bule Hora District, West Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia. (Published)

The major goal of this study is to reconstruct the history quttoo tradition of the Guji Oromo and its major functions among the society. To achieve this goal, an attempt was made to collect authentic data sources from local elders, women and youths orally. The written documents which have relation with the study also examined and cross checked. The Guji people exercises different traditional practices which are set in the Guji customary laws. Quttoo tradition is one of these traditional practices that had been performed by the community. Quttoo is an ornament material usually worn by the Guji girls before getting marriage. This material plays the plenty roles for women particularly the girls in the Guji culture. These roles are visible in the quttoo traditional practices. The most known function of quttoo tradition are sociocultural, economic and political functions. Since the beginning of the Gada system of governance, the outlook of the Guji people towards the females was lower. For instance, the women can’t participate in the political system. For this reason, the women in Guji came to be marginalized from the politics of the society. However, this important traditional practice helped the Guji girls to be honorable sects with in the society. Generally, the quttoo tradition is an umbrella for the Guji women particularly, the girls to protect them from different human violence and ideological inferiority.

Keywords: Guji Girls, Guji Oromo, Quttoo, Southern Ethiopia, Traditional Practice