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Interactive Reading Strategies on learner Achievement in Reading Skills in Secondary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya (Published)

Effective utilization of interactive reading strategies engage learners resulting in competence in fluency and meaningful depiction of literary texts. The study examined the influence of interactive reading on learner achievement in reading skills in eight sub county mixed day public secondary schools in Kisumu County. The study adopted a quasi- experimental design with 209 learners randomly assigned to experimental, while 238 to control groups and 19 teachers of English. Primary data was collected through reading skills assessment tests, questionnaires, interviews and focus group discussions. The study revealed that interactive reading practices were frequently used which resulted in enhanced achievement in reading skills. The study concluded a statistically significant relationship between interactive reading strategies and learner achievement in reading skills. Based on the findings, it was recommended that teachers should consistently engage learners in interactive reading in order for learners to recognize words concurrently with comprehension of the text and suggests further research in other school categories.

Keywords: guided reading, interactive reading, read aloud, repeated reading, shared reading.