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Relationship of Parenting Patterns with the Motor Development of Children Aged 3-4 Years (Published)

Growing up is a continuous process that takes place since there was a conception and it will be continued until adulthood. In the process of reaching this adulthood, every children must go through various stages of growth development. Achieving optimum growth depends on biological potential. Parenting patterns can be identified as three, namely authoritarian parenting, authoritarian and permissive. Based on the preliminary study that researchers conducted on March 30, 2015, the interview was conducted to five mothers and their children, three children aged three years old and two children aged 3.5-years old. There are 2 parents applied democratic parenting, 2 parents applied permissive parenting and 1 parent implemented authoritarian parenting. For the rough motor development of each children in PAUD Tunas Bangsa, 3 children aged 3 years has no response when they were given pencil, 2 other children have been able to scribble. This study aims to know the parenting pattern of parents with rough motor development in children aged 3-4 years in PAUD Tunas Bangsa Tajem Maguwoharjo. The research method is correlative with correlative approach cross sectional. Data collected technique is through observation, questionnaire, and documentation. The sampling technique is total sampling. Variable analyzed by using Chi Square statistical test. From the results of the study there is no relationship between parenting patterns and rough motor development of each children.

Keywords: Parenting, growth development., rough motor