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Rain Water Harvesting for Planting and Growing Trees to Green the Polytechnic Campus: A Case Study of Bolgatanga Polytechnic (Published)

The Upper East Region of Ghana is located in the Guinea Savannah agro-ecological zone with a sparse tree population. The Region suffers high unpredictable rainfall patterns imposing drought conditions with consequences on crop yield variability and poor vegetation cover. As a result, at inception of the Polytechnic, there were very limited shade trees in the Polytechnic campus where students could sit to relax or learn. Harvesting rainwater in wet periods, and utilizing the same for planting and growing trees offers a promising solution in this fragile part of Ghana.  As part of the larger effort to make the Polytechnic environment suitable for teaching and learning, rain water was harvested for planting and growing trees in the Polytechnic campus.  This paper presents a qualitative report of project activities and results. Tree planting project hinges on proper management of the established trees and shrubs. Planting trees is just one step, but its management was very crucial to the success and fruition of the project. Also critical was stakeholder consultations on project goals and aims which enabled a sense of ownership for the project. Overall, after ten years of the project, there has been a significant improvement in the tree and shrub cover in the Polytechnic campus. It is concluded that adding trees to schools is a great way to make campuses more welcoming, provide shade for recreational purposes, and as well foster environmental stewardship. The Government should as part of project procurement procedures for schools legislate that all new buildings should incorporate tree planting from inception. The care of the trees can then be the responsibility of school management after the buildings have been completed and handed over

Keywords: Growing, Harvesting, Rain, Tree Planting, Water