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Critical appraisal of a research paper: Wyatt, M. (2010). An English teacher’s developing self- efficacy beliefs in using groupwork, System, (4), 603-613. (Published)

This paper aims to critique and evaluate, focusing on the issues of validity and reliability, a paper conducted by Mark Wyatt who is a professor at the University of Portsmouth. This paper was part of a larger study of an unpublished doctoral dissertation (Wyatt, 2008), which investigated how five teachers developed over the duration of their three-year course, with an emphasis on their growth in practical knowledge and self-efficacy with regards to various dimensions. In this paper particularly, the focus is on one participant who is an in-service part-time BA TESOL student in the Middle East working with young learners. This was a case study focusing on the developments of an English teacher’s self-efficacy (TSE) beliefs in using groupwork.

Keywords: Critical appraisal, English Teachers, System, Wyatt, developing self- efficacy, groupwork, research paper