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Prominent Factors Affecting Group Work Efficiency for EFL Learners (Published)

This paper points out factors affecting group work efficiency. Group work is considered one of the techniques that is centrally practiced in the communicative method as well as student-centered approach. The questioning area of such a practice is that whether or not it is highly effective in learning. This study is carried out to measure three factors which are possibly not in a consensus among teachers. They are time allotted, the number of group members and types of duties given to the group to perform. Methodology used in the study is a mix of qualitative and quantitative method. A survey design is implemented to explore teachers’ perceptions of group work. Data are collected by questionnaire submission to teachers in order to explore their perception on the three variables. A procedure was carried out by taking teachers’ feedback in form of questionnaire to reveal their experience with group work. Results show that teachers prefer to the traditional group work formation. They give enough time fir groups and extend the time to complete the tasks. They also prefer to form larger groups of 4 or 5 students.

Keywords: Cooperative learning, Group work, Group work formation