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Electrical Unmanned Ground Vehicle Controller (Published)

An Electric Unmanned Ground Vehicle E-UGV controller with a situational awareness system is designed to venture on the ground by either remote manual control or autonomously, without the presence of a human driver. A wide range of sensors is available for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks. For example, they provide first responders with current information about the situation at the operation site. This project intended to design and develop a (EUGV) controller with a specific feature. The EUGV is a fully electrical vehicle accompanied by a GCS that controls its mission by receiving data from different sensors installed on it and a video link covering a range of 4 km with rechargeable batteries of endurance time of 2 hours. There are two modes of control; manual control and semi-automated. Most importantly, this project also discusses a sensing system for obstacle detection and avoidance. The main aim of this kind of controller is to obtain intelligence, surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) functions to reduce risk on humans in rugged terrains through the use of the Ground Control Station (GCS).

Keywords: GUI, Ground Control Station (GCS), Mini PC, SAS, UGV, Wireless communication, ZIGBEE