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Brazilian Air Force Fighter Pilots Threats Perception on Depth and Peripheral Defense Strategies (Published)

Countries use defense systems as a component of conventional deterrent to avoid conflicts, and aerospace defense collaborates in a relevant way for this purpose.  Among the peripheral and in depth defense strategies, some rulers chose to employ the latest. Through a qualitative interview with Brazilian fighter pilots, this work aims to verify if the view about the conventional deterrence of a country’s top management is aligned with that of pilots who are exposed to threats from peripheral and in depth aerospace defense, and which generates greater threat perception among them. According to the different aerospace defense strategies, surface-to-air weapons that vary in position, acquisition range radar and weapons system engagement were deployed in hypothetical scenarios. The pilots analyzed such scenarios and presented their perceptions of threats related to the likelihood of being engaged and fulfilling their missions. The results showed a higher perception of threat in the aerospace defense in depth concerning peripheral aerospace defense. The combatants’ perception of threats can be a relevant fact, possibly capable of influencing the propensity of these strategies to generate conventional deterrence in potential opponents. Thus, the knowledge obtained here can contribute relevantly to more in depth analysis in the field of conventional deterrence by countries that want to improve their defense capacity. Discussion on the subject and recommendations for future studies complement this work. The research is helpful for scholars and professionals involved in politics, strategy, defense, and overall practitioners.

Citation: Luís Marcelo Sotoriva, Raphael de Almeida Leitão, Murillo de Oliveira Dias, Rogério Barbosa Marques, Pedro Winkelmann Santana de Araújo; Flavio Duarte Machado (2021) Brazilian Air Force Fighter Pilots Threats Perception on Depth and Peripheral Defense Strategies, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Studies,Vol. 9, No.1, pp.38-53

Keywords: Strategy, air defense in depth., conventional deterrence, ground-based air defense, peripheral air defense