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Implementation of Direct Fuzzy Controller in Greenhouse Based on Labview (Published)

The techniques for climate control in greenhouse are to tune the crop needs and avoid unnecessary energy consumption. A greenhouse environment is an incredibly complex and dynamic environment. The use of Fuzzy Logic Controllers (FLCs) represents a powerful way to minimize and facilitate management of climate conditions of the modern greenhouse. Since the temperature of greenhouse was important factor that affects the crops growth and the yield, we have designed and investigated a computer based on direct fuzzy Controller for greenhouse temperature control system. In this study, we present the implementation of a fuzzy logic based control system for the regulation of climatic parameters under greenhouse using LabVIEW software through heating and cooling to ensure an exact range of temperature and humidity values. Some graphics user interfaces were developed, under LabVIEW software, for the real-time monitoring of the greenhouse system.

Keywords: Computer based control, Direct fuzzy logic, Greenhouse climate, LabVIEW, Monitoring