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Knowledge Management, Eco-Efficiency and Corporate Greening Strategy in Africa A Case of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and Ogoni in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

The paper explores the linkages between Knowledge Management (KM ) initiatives, eco-efficiency and corporate greening strategy in Africa .It draws from a case analysis on the 1993 shut down of oil exploration of SPDC on Ogoniland in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria as a result of massive protest against the company’s operation. After comparing the concept of greening with the conventional notions of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the paper argues for corporate greening in Africa as it seeks to provide answers to questions such as; how has KM been designed to accommodate greening, more importantly, what specific green KM practices do the SPDC observe and to what extent has that been practicable and environmentally sustainable?. On the other hand ,what green strategy and initiative did they not observe which ignited massive protest and shut down of its operation by the Ogoni people? Both primary and secondary sources of data were used as it argues that KM could be influential if it is broadened to embody greening in CRS. Results from the analysis indicated that significant relationship exists between poor corporate greening culture and increased rate of environmental degradation. Evidence included oil spill, pollution, lack of cleanup, communal crisis arising from oil rents etc. The paper proffers alternative “green’ and ‘people based’ KM initiative and makes policy recommendations.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, Eco –efficiency, Green Strategy, Intangibles, Knowledge Management