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Effect of Green Purchasing On Performance of Food and Beverage Processing Sector in Kenya (Published)

This paper sought to find out the effect of green purchasing on performance of food and beverage processing firms in Kenya. The paper was informed by theory of reasoned action. The study used an explanatory research design whereas the target population for study was the key staff in supply chain, production and safety and environment or equivalent managers working for 187 food and beverage processing firms in Kenya. Purposive sampling technique was used since a census of all the 187 food and beverage processing firms was carried out, the data collection instrument was a structured questionnaire and to accomplish the objective, alternative hypothesis was developed and tested. Data analysis was conducted using descriptive and inferential statistics further other statistical tests were done in the study. Presentation of data in form of charts and tables was deemed appropriate for this study. From the results of the study, green purchasing was found to have a positive significant effect on performance. The study concluded that green purchasing leads to higher performance in the food and beverage processing sector in Kenya. It recommended that green purchasing should be embraced so as to improve the performance of the food and beverage processing sector.

Keywords: Firm Performance, Green Supply Chain Management, food and beverage processing companies., green purchasing