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Comparative Study of Seed Composition of White and Red Grape Varieties (Published)

The composition of grape seeds was investigated. The content of proteins was found to be 6.3-8.9%, of carbohydrates – 65.5-70.9%, of glyceride oil – 11.6 16.5%. The content of phospholipids, mainly phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidic acids in the oils, was 0.6-0.9%. The sterol content was 0.3-0.4% while β-sitosterol (70.0-72.1%) and campesterol (18.5-19.9%) were the major components. In the phospholipids and sterol esters higher amount of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids was established than in triacylglycerols. The quantity of palmitic acid was 43.4-59.4%, of oleic – 9.0-14.0% and of linoleic – 10.0-24.5% while in sterol esters, the predominant ones were mainly linoleic (40.7-53.8%), oleic (24.9-35.5%) and palmitic acid (13.0-16.7%). Linoleic (68.5-72.3%) and oleic acids (16.3-18.7%) presented as LLL, LLO and LLP were found to be the main components in the triacylglycerols. The tocopherol content varied from 67.7mg/kg to 290.5mg/kg where α-tocopherol (74.8-84.4%) was the predominant component.

Keywords: Carbohydrates, Grape Seed Oil, Lipids, Proteins