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Prevalence of Mentoring among Graduate Students of Sport Management in Southern Nigerian Universities (Published)

The aim of the study was to find out the prevalence of mentoring among graduate students of sport management in southern Nigerian universities. A cross-sectional survey design was adopted. The population as well as sample for the study was 196 graduate students of sport management. Data were collected using a structured and validated questionnaire titled “Sport Management Mentoring Questionnaire (SMMQ)”. It had reliability coefficient of 0.983 which was established using Cronbach alpha. Data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. It was found that graduate students of sport management rarely experienced formal and informal mentoring, traditional/face-to-face mentoring, e-mentoring, multiple mentoring, and team mentoring, career and psychosocial mentoring functions, mentoring activities, initiation, cultivation, separation and redefinition phase of mentoring. It was recommended among others that mentoring seminars and conferences should be organized for graduate students by the Department in collaboration with the University. Students should be assigned to or made to choose mentors for mentoring at the point of admission into sport management. Favourable report or result on mentoring should be part of requirements for successful completion of graduate programmes in sport management. A “Centre for Mentoring” especially for sport management should be established by the universities

Keywords: Graduate Students, Mentoring, Prevalence, Universities, sport management

The Study of Education Mechanism and Innovation Cultivation of Graduate Students (Published)

Graduate students are the new force of innovation in China and to improve the quality of graduate students is a popular topic in academia . Currently, there exist some deficiencies in postgraduate education, such as the teaching pattern which values theory more than practice, the dearth of innovative spirit and the absence of innovative capacity. These problems are rooted in unclear studying objectives, the lack of opportunities for practical working experience and the incorrect learning methods, etc. Therefore, in order to cultivate innovative graduate students, it’s vital for us to refine the teaching methods to intrigue graduate students interest in innovation. And graduate students should receive comprehensive training which strengthens their capacity for literature reading and more opportunities for practical experiences.

Keywords: Education Mechanism, Graduate Students, Innovative Capacity