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Teaching Materials: Role Play Simulation on Brazilian Government and Non-Market Forces Negotiation (Published)

This paper presents new teaching materials designed to: (a) provide teachers with educational tools and new insights about how to address insights on market and non-market forces’ strategies integration; negotiation with government; corporate compliance; mutual gains perspective; decision making process; ethics; uncertainties management; confrontations; relationship and credibility building; communication; strategic thinking. (b) enhance students’ skills on complex negotiations and consensus building; and (c) provoke debates in classroom regarding to changes in the Brazilian non-market forces, in particular the influence of government, on companies’ corporate strategies. a teaching material for professionals intending to study and explore the many variables present when negotiating with government. One key lesson to be absorbed by the participants is how to apply negotiations principles and methodologies. A full set of instructions to practitioners and to facilitators complete the present work.

Keywords: Compliance, Government Negotiation, Market, Non-Market Forces