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The Gold Exchange Standard and the Magical Trap of Paper Money (Published)

The old Mickey Mouse cartoons were a symbol of greed where old Uncle Scrooge loved to satisfy his endless “auri sacra fames” (accursed greed for gold) by diving into his secret pool filled with gold dollars. How times have changed, poor old Uncle Scrooge would today have to dive into a pool filled with paper money, perhaps the impact would softer, but the satisfaction would be also be less, or worse, into a pool of derivatives, but this would be infinite, immaterial and empty, in short, it would be a leap into the hyperuranion of a magic finance of nothing.

Keywords: Exchange Standard, Gold, Magical Trap, Paper Money

Atomic Resolution of Topography Images of (Graphite, Gold, n-type Silicon Wafer and Cadmium Oxide Films) Using STM (Published)

Morphological surface images analyze the atomic resolution in 3-dimensions,the colored lateral images map, the graphic line, the forward and back shaded map with 3-Dimensions, for graphite, gold, n-type silicon wafer and cadmium oxide films by using scanning tunneling microscopy(STM) all are investigated. The images of surface graphite showed a regular geometrically distribution with 2.5nm hexagonal arrangement atoms about with 0.34nm level distance . But the gold surface showed a convergence atoms and great density of electrons. While the n-type Si (100) wafer refers to stacking rows and show a linear defect(dislocations) arising from inserting an extra impurities. The images clearly showed that phosphor atom located in substitutional site among silicon atoms with high nanoscale resolution. Also the mixing of oxygen molecular with cadmium and their locations appear like island. Itʼs applied to study cadmium oxide films deposited on holder surfaces. The simulated images show the main key features of experimental observations, with ability and direct methods for imaging identical theoretically with model of tunneling quantum.

Keywords: 3-Dimension Image, Cadmium Oxide Film, Gold, Graphite, Metal, Morphology, STM, Semiconductor, Silicon Wafer, Surface Topography