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Envisioning Global Security for Sustainable National Development in Nigeria: The Role of Science and Technology Education (Published)

Security is an imperative for every nation of the world. This is even more vital for a developing nation like Nigeria. Existing studies revealed that scientific and technological advancements in many developing nations have in no small measure help in reshaping their security capabilities which inturn has tremendously mitigated the impact of security threats. Drawing from this background this paper therefore x-rays some security threats in Nigeria that reveal that the country as a nation requires transformation in science and technology education to tackle the increasing insecurity level that has hitherto destroyed the corporate existence of the nation. The meanings of science and technology as well as the concept of global security are explained. The interactions of these are explored and the implications to the Nigeria science and technology education are drawn. The paper concludes with some suggestions among which is that Nigeria Government should invest not only in science and technology education but should also use the right policy framework to develop appropriate labour force through science and technology education.

Citation: Adah, S. A. (2023) Envisioning Global Security for Sustainable National Development in Nigeria: The Role of Science and Technology Education, British Journal of Education, Vol.11, Issue 1, 36-44

Keywords: Global Security, science and technology education, sustainable national development

The Place of Peace Education as a Panacea for Global Security (Published)

This paper explains the meaning of the following concepts: Peace, Violence and War, Global Security and Peace Education. It states that education despite being an instrument per excellence for achieving positive national and global goals, have been used by some nations to perpetuate hate instead of using it to instil a culture of peace. Peace education is therefore the only type of education required in creating a culture of peace in the minds of youths and as such should be used to achieve global security. The paper also suggested five ways global security could be achieved through peace education which are; raising global citizens, building a culture of peace, creating economic development and eradicating poverty, acquiring conflict resolution skills, and raising friends of the earth and environmental peace builders. The paper concludes by with some implications of the understanding of peace, violence and war, which include the need to ensure justice, welfare and access to education for all as necessary actions to ensure peace and global security.  

Keywords: Global Security, Peace, Peace Education, Violence