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The COVID 19 Global Pandemic: A Panacea for Diversifying to Hospitality and Tourism in Nigeria (Published)

The COVID 19 global pandemic has provided Nations another opportunity to look inwards on the development and expansion of its economic activities and growth! The hospitality and tourism industry has proven to be one of the most valid sectors for diversification of economic activities in Nigeria, considering the continuous dropping of crude price in the international market, and the fast growing demand on the bio-fuel products in the world today! The researchers are of the opinion that developing the hospitality and tourism in Nigeria is one of the most viable options to continuously increase the Nations GDP! The realistic test and interviews were conducted and presented in simple percentage table, and graphs were also deployed to show the reliability of the test! It was concluded that hospitality and tourism still remain the most viable economic activity and sector that will always stand the challenges of time, if properly developed! And was recommended that the government and agencies in charge of tourism and hospitality should fully divert its attention to the development of the hospitality and tourism sector in Nigeria

Keywords: Diversification, Hospitality, Nigeria, Tourism, global pandemic