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Extension of Knowledge on Ghanaian Adinkra Symbols In Relation To Maslow’s Theory (Published)

To promote the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols/cloths and to highlight their importance and meanings, it became necessary for the compilation of such symbols and aligning them to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. This study therefore explores the extension of knowledge on and use of the Adinkra symbols in relation to Maslow’s theory to create more awareness. The Adinkra symbols are believed to have rich-cultural educative meanings and support human responsibilities known by few people in the Ghanaian society. Literature from three scholars of Adinkra symbols were collected by the researchers and categorised under the role of each symbol according to Maslow’s expanded hierarchy of human needs theory. It has been identified that there is a connection between Adinkra symbols and Maslow’s theory; human needs versus human responsibilities. The information collected was confirmed by the Royal family of Ashanti in Ghana, who are believed to be the original custodians of these symbols. Cultural identity was therefore clearly revealed and reinforced as members of the society learnt and used the meaning of cultural symbols in their quotidian activities. The study encourages indigenous Ghanaians and other societies to appreciate the depth in meaning of Adinkra symbols. Again, the symbols are believed to benefit people through their incorporation in textile/clothing practices. It also exposes the rich cultural heritage of the Ghanaian and places the country on high pedestrian and developing its culture and expanding the tourism market base.

Keywords: Adinkra Symbols, Cloths of Ghana, Ghanaian Culture, Maslow’s Theory