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The Effects of Gestures used in Adowa and Kete Performance with Particular Reference to Akans in Ghana (Published)

This paper looks into the effects of gestures used in Adowa and Kete Traditional Dances in Ghana in line with their meaning. The motive behind this investigation was to give the youth excellent platform to appreciate the gestures in Kete and Adowa ensembles, as a way of promoting their cultural identity. Data collected for this investigation was analyzed by using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.  There were two major sources for the data collection; primary and secondary.  Kumasi cultural center was visited during one of Ad[[ K[se[ festival and some pictures were taken on  Kete and Adowa performances. Some pictures were also searched from the internet to serve as the secondary data for the project. These pictures were used during interview with the respondents. Some literature were reviewed on Kete and Adowa dances as well. The data were then transcribed and relevant portions were analyzed.  The Visual Semiotic theory was used as theoretical framework. This theory deals with the interpretations of signs. Per the analysis it was identified that, the sixty one and above years aged group were the only group of people who understood these gestures. Though the youth and the middle age group can describe the gestures alright, appreciate its aesthetic nature but don’t understand the meaning.

Keywords: Adowa, Aesthetics, Gestures, Kete, Semiotic, interpretations

Children Use of Gestures to Communicate In Second Language (Review Completed - Accepted)

This article is an attempt to investigate whether the gestures used by children effect their communication in English. This study explored how children communicate in the second language by using gestures. It determines whether children’s nonverbal behaviors or gestures are positive in communicating in the second language when the children are tired too. This study was done with two boys: namely; Mohammad and Abolfazl, with the age of 7 and 5 respectively, they are learning English language at their home. They are brothers and they are the researcher nephews. They have been taught English for more than 6 months. Of course, it should be mentioned that they can, to some extent, speak English. The researcher has used different pictorial and visual instruments to teach them to talk and communicate in English language, but most of the times, they made use of their gestures to say their purposes. The researcher made use of a kind of video recording at the times of reading the books, watching the films ,and having the snacks and meals. The result shows that the actions accompanied with gestures are more meaningful and communicative, and they learning are fostered and they are more motivated. So it will indicate that children use of gestures to communicate in English is one of the best ways to be used even for the time that they cannot remember the words or when they are too tired to talk

Keywords: Communicate, Fostered, Gestures, Videotaped, children