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Geology and Geoelectrical Appraisal of Panda and its Environs parts of Gitata Sheet 187NE North-Central Nigeria (Published)

Geological mapping and Geophysical investigations were carried out in Panda and its environs, with the aim of studying the geology (rock types and their structural features; joints & fractures) and its groundwater potentials. The area is underlain by the Basement Complex rocks of the North Central Nigeria consisting of porphyritic granodiorite, migmatized-gneiss and mica schist. The structural features associated with rocks in the study area include; exfoliation, joints, fault, pegmatitic and quartz veins. Twenty eight (28) Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) were carried out away from cultural interferences. Interpreted data shows a dominance of KH and H type curve. The quantitative and qualitative interpretations revealed weathered and fractured basement. Iso-resistivity of the true aquifer, depth to basement, basement resistivity and, piezometric maps were delineated. Out of the twenty eight VES,only areas within the center of the study area (Kuban SE, Tanga North, Panda market, Jababe, Idur West, Idur and MusheJaba) have been delineated as the most viable locations for good water potentials due to the resistivity value of the rock materials (fractured and weathered basement) around those areas (50Ωm – 200Ωm) and some of the structural features (fractures, joints and faults) which serves as secondary reservoir for groundwater on account of their low resistivity values due to the high conductivity of groundwater that occupies the voids and fissures of the rock. The potential for groundwater in the study area are moderate at AngwanKwaro, AngwanMaje, and Chandap North, Kukuri area where depth to basement is shallow and occupied by fresh basement rocks (porphyritic granodiorite). While the least expected yield lies in AngwanPaa North and GidanSarki North. The two types of aquifer in the study area are weathered basement and fractured basement. This study will serve as guide for groundwater exploration and development in the study area.

Citation: B. S. Jatau; S. A. Adamu and A. B. Oleka (2022) Geology and Geoelectrical Appraisal of Panda and its Environs parts of Gitata Sheet 187NE North-Central Nigeria, International Research Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol.10, No.2, pp.39-54

Keywords: Geological mapping, geophysical investigations, rock types, structural features and groundwater potentials