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The Factors that Cause the Low Participation of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election in the 2019 General Election in Pamurus Urban Village, South Banjarmasin Sub District – Banjarmasin City (Published)

Political participation of the community in elections is very important in the democratic process. In general, the number of voters participating in the 2019 presidential and vice-presidential elections increased from 2014. The increase was from 69.58% to 81%. However, an interesting thing happened in Pamurus Urban Village, Banjarmasin District – the Banjarmasin City. The number of voter participation in the kelurahan can be said to be still low. For this reason, this study aims to identify the factors causing the low number of voter participation in the 2019 presidential and vice-presidential elections in Pamurus Urban Village. This research was conducted using a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. Data collected through interviews, observations, and documentation. Initial informants were selected by purposive sampling technique. Next, it will be determined by “snowball sampling”. The data collected was analyzed using an interactive analysis model consisting of three stages, namely data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusion/verification. The results of this study indicate that the factors causing the low number of voter participation in the 2019 presidential and vice-presidential elections are as follows: (1) internal voter factors, such as the technical and employment issues, and (2) external factors related to administration, socialization, and politics. It is hoped that the results of this study can be utilized for consideration in formulating efforts to increase the number of voter participation in the presidential and vice-presidential elections in 2024.

Keywords: General Election, Political Participation, presidential election, vice-presidential election

Political Imagery of Partai Amanat Nasional Through Outdoor Media in Obtaining the Public Sympathy at General Election in North Sumatra, 2005-2015 (Published)

Political imagery through the media is a very powerful strategy in instilling the public opinion about a party. Therefore, through the imagery, it is expected to occur a shift of opinion to a better direction. With a positive public opinion, the decision to vote becomes a necessity to the party that is fighting in the political arena. Public opinion itself is a method of persuasion with a wider communication system. Political imagery which is conducted by Partai Amanat Nasional/National Mandate Party (PAN) to attract the sympathy of the people of North Sumatra in 2005-2015 used varied political communication strategies. The purpose of the imagery is to achieve the community sympathy, so that the electability acquisition of PAN votes can increase. DPW PAN of North Sumatra performs political imaging through the use of mass communication channels, interpersonal communication, outdoor communication, and group communication.

Keywords: General Election, Outdoor Media, Pan, Political Imagery, Public Sympathy