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Legal Protection for All the Children: Dutch-American Comparison of Lesbian and Gay Parent Adoptions (Published)

The purpose of this article is to examine the recent developments concerning same-gender parent adoptions in the Unites States and the Netherlands, comparing the different routes these changes have taken. The first section of the article examines the present status of the case law in both countries. It begins with an analysis of the court decisions in the United States, where case law now makes it legal in numerous states for gays and lesbians to adopt, either as >co-parents= or as >strangers= of the child. The section also includes an analysis of the recent Dutch case before the highest court in the Netherlands, the Hoge Raad, involving a request for a co-parent adoption by two women who were raising their children together as a family. The next section of the article sets out the current status of Dutch law as it affects gay and lesbian co-parents, including present adoption laws, joint parental authority, and registered partnerships. The article=s fourth section examines proposed legislation in the two countries concerning the right of same-gender couples, and homosexuals in general, to adopt. The article then concludes with a comparison and analysis of the Dutch and American legal histories concerning same-gender co-parent adoptions. This section examines the differences in the two countries= legal systems, the social status of homosexuals, the social acceptance of adoption, and each country=s underlying assumptions about family law. The article concludes by pointing out how recognition of same-gender co-parent adoption is in the best interest of the children raised by same-gender couples.

Keywords: Dutch-American Comparison, Gay, Legal Protection, Lesbian, Parent Adoptions, children

Perception and Attitude of University of Cape Coast Students on Homosexuality (Published)

Homosexuality has received a great deal of attention in public and current scholarly research especially after the United States of America has unanimously legalized  in the the whole country. In view of this, the research purported to find out the perception and attitude of University of Cape Coast students on homosexuality. A survey research design was used with structured questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. The research was conducted at the University of Cape Coast; participants were randomly sampled. Four hundred students from Level 300 in the College of Education Studies were used.The findings of the research revealed that University of Cape Coast students frown on homosexuality. Students do not want homosexuals to be their leaders or hold positions in the university. In their opinion homosexuals should not be taken as role models; they rather had sympathy and care for the homosexuals about negative treatment meted out to them. Students have the attitude of giving help to the homosexuals when the need arises but they are disgusted about homosexuality. Students would feel uncomfortable if their roommates were to be homosexuals and would not want homosexuals to be allowed to adopt children. It was also discovered that there was no gender difference in the perception and attitude of the students on homosexuality. In the light of these findings, these recommendations were made; that University of Cape Coast should be clear on rules and regulations regarding homosexuality as the students’ handbook which serves as a guide to students is silent about it. That there should be public education on homosexuality. That the Counselling Centre should be on the alert to assist homosexuals and those who might be traumatized because of the activities of the homosexuals.

Keywords: Behaviour and Practice., Gay, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Perception, attitude, homosexual.