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The Impact of the Rising Costs of Gasoline on Automobiles Owners in Saudi Arabia (Published)

This research objective is to study the behavior of people and cars users to determine the changing trends and behaviors of customers caused by the new revised prices of oil derivatives and gasoline that was supported by the Saudi Arabian government for a very long period. A survey sample of 361 users was collected randomly within the 2 major cities on the western region of Saudi Arabia; Makkah and Jeddah through survey monkey using structured questionnaire. Data were gathered, analyzed with suitable statistics and later on interpreted accordingly.  It was found that more than 35% survey participant are not changing their cars driving habits, regardless of the rising cost of gasoline – on the other hand, the taken sample certainly showed a reasonable interest towards the consideration of using economy cars- perhaps, electrical/hybrid cars market has a big near future as a potential market.  It is also significant to mention that this paper may be beneficial in revealing another field of studies especially for cars companies to know the purchasing power of local consumers.


Keywords: Saudi Arabia, automobiles owners, gasoline, rising costs

Evaluation of Some Indicators of Gasoline and Diesel Products, Imported In the Republic of Albania (Published)

The development of the transport sector after 2000 in the Republic of Albania is accompanied by growing consumer trends in fossil fuels, diesel and gasoline, which are mainly provided by imports. This trend is associated among other things with negative impacts on the environment, especially in urban areas due to emissions of CO2, SO2, VOx or heavy metals, such as Pb, etc., which are created as a result of fuel combustion in vehicles.The aim of this study is to assess the environmental parameters of the lead content and Octane Number in gasoline and the sulfur content in diesel, in order to recognize the situation of qualitative petroleum market in Republic of Albania, the comparison with the limits set in the Albanian Standards, influence of European Legislation on the quality of these imported products and the effects of laboratory control. Are studied the results of testing in Customs Laboratory for 230 gasoline samples and 333 diesel samples.

Keywords: Environment, Octane Number, diesel, gasoline, lead content, sulfur content