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The Impact of E-Banking on Efficient Service Delivery to Customers in Nigeria Economy (Published)

The advent of service areas like financial advisory services, funds transfers and international trade among others helps propel Nigeria banks into the development of new and improved service delivery channels. Information and communication technology (ICT) rapidly emerged as the platform for building integrating and communicating effective service to customers. Today in Nigeria servers, personal computers and local / wide area networks have taken a firm foot as the minimum requirement for rendering credible and effective banking services. Adenuga (2003), the recent trends in Information Technology (IT) are becoming central to the process of economic development. IT offers new ways of exchanging information, transacting business, changes the nature of the financial and other services sectors and provides efficient means of using the human and institutional capabilities of countries in both the public and private sectors.  IT can be applied to every conceivable activity; from collecting taxes to bank management, complex scientific and technical problems.

Keywords: Bank, Customers, Economy, Fund Transfer, ICT, services