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Economic Implications of Tomato Production in Naushahro Feroze District of Sindh Pakistan (Published)

In the present study, attempt was made to explore the economic implication of tomato in Nausharo Feroze Sindh. For this purpose 60 growers were selected from different villages of District Naushero Feroze of Sindh province during the year 2013 using survey method of study. The data on various costs, physical and revenue productivity were collected from 60 randomly selected tomato farmers. Result revealed that the education level of selected growers was in order of 25.00% primary (5years), 36.66% of middle (8years), 16.66% matriculate (10years) 3.33% educated from college and university, 1.70% graduate the 18.33% of tomato respondents were illiterate. Results further indicate that farmers incurred an average per hectare fixed costs. Rs 33187.00 include Rs 700.00 for land tax, Rs 32487.00 for rent of land. The results revealed that tomato farmers incurred an average per hectare cost of Rs 19780.75 as labor cost. An average per acre marketing cost of 30457.65 on tomato capital input used, and an average per acre marketing cost was Rs. 4191.73 On an average per acre spent a total cost of production of Rs. 87617.13. An average per acre Physical productivity was 186.00 in mounds. An average per acre Revenue productivity was Rs.158750.00 and the Net income was 71133.00 an availed input output ratio 1:1.81 it means that with the investment of Rs.1.00 in tomato enterprises they yielded Rs.1.81. The cost benefit ratio of the cultivation of tomato at 1:0.81 it means that the tomato growers fetched Rs.0.81 on each rupee investment of tomato. The poor production implies that the soil quality, inadequate canal water, insect pest and poor extension services could be the causes this low production. The empirical result indicates that significant increase in input of tomato in the study area could be traced mainly to use of latest technology.

Keywords: Cost, Labor, Net Returns, Tomato, and cost-benefit ratio., fruit yield