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Use of Collaborative and Co-Operative Individual Group Strategy on Standard Seven Learners’ Achievement in English Composition Writing in Public Primary Schools in Kisumu County, Kenya (Published)

Collaborative and co-operative teaching and learning and is very interactive and carters for all learners. Differeciated ways of teaching enhances the understanding of concepts to all the intended learners. Learners are unique in the way the understand concepts, thus need to plan for differeciated activities to enable all with varied entry behaviour to be all inclusive. The 21st century curriculum demands for facilitators to prepare to meet demands of the various categories of learners in all areas of activities .Valve creation is enhanced through the use of Individualized learning as learners practice composition writing skill. Effective use of individual strategy to facilitate the writing skills of standard seven learners offers the learners a great chance to team work with peers in regard to behaviour; collaboration and communication well natured. The study was guided by the following objective: To examine the influence of individual group technique on learners’ achievement in composition writing skills in public primary schools in Kisumu County; Drawing from   The study was guided by Piaget’s (1967) theory of cognitive development, specifically “constructivist” views of discovery learning. Pre-test, post-test non-equivalent group’s research design was adopted. The sample size of 292 was drawn from 6 teachers of English, 6 head teachers and standard seven pupils in public schools. Questionnaire, observation schedules and check lists were used to collect data and analysis related to descriptive statistics. The study found out that for individual technique of brainstorming learning: free writing strategy which implies that the strategy was moderately used (m= 3.20 with SD of 1.240) in teaching composition in public primary schools; individual teaching technique implying technique is poorly used (m= 2.55 and SD of 1.208) adopted. The computed z values for brainstorming technique elements revealed a z-statistic value higher than the z- Critical value and P-value less than 0.05. Thus, the study rejected the entire five Null hypotheses as there was a statistically significant relationship between: individual group technique, whole class technique, small group technique, round robin technique and relay technique; and learners’ achievement in composition writing skills in public primary schools in Kisumu County.  The study recommended for policy use of inquiring method, for practice use of mind mapping to be implemented to boost the learner’s achievement in composition writing, lastly similar studies should be carried out using inferential statistics, especially multiple regression analysis.

Keywords: Individual technique, composition writing, free writing, learners achievement, mind mapping, role playing, word play