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A Nexus between Poverty and Resource Dependency (Published)

Natural resources are essential for economic growth of a region by providing ecosystem services to the rich and poor equally. Natural resources are limited in nature which raise a question on their sustainability. The paper explicit that rich and poor both are dependent on resources but their purpose is different, rich people who are already financially strong even then they consume more resources in order to get more profits while due to the large size of family, poor directly depend on ecosystem services just for the sake of survival of livelihood. Finally, Paper concluded that the deteriorating relation of poverty and resource dependency reached out at imbalanced stage and became an inexplicable question of natural resource management. Some recommendation offered regrading nexus between poverty and resource dependency and asserts that a greater involvement of formal institutions can play an important role in bridging the gap between poverty and resources.

Keywords: Ecosystem, Natural resources, Poverty, Sustainability, formal institutions, resource dependency