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Forensic Auditing and Financial Fraud in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks (DMBS) (Published)

This study examined the effect of forensic auditing on financial fraud in Nigerian (DMBs). The study adopted cross sectional survey design. The population of the study comprised the staff of banks and audit firms in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The study used purposive sampling technique for questionnaire administration while logistic regression analysis was used for data analysis. The results of the study revealed that forensic audit has significant effect on financial fraud control in Nigerian (DMBs) with P value (0.007) which is less than 0.05 and that forensic audit report significantly enhances court adjudication on financial fraud in Nigeria with P value (0.000) which is less than 0.05. The study concluded that the application of forensic audit to tackle financial fraud in Nigerian (DMBs) is still at the infant stage. The study recommended that organisations should have a strong internal control system in place to reduce the occurrence of fraud.

Keywords: Financial Fraud, Forensic Audit, Litigation and Organisations’ Failure, Nigerian DMBs