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An Appraisal of Kashmir Conflict (Published)

India and Pakistan fought three wars (1948, 1965, and 1971). In May – June1999, once again Kashmir became the focus of World attention when India and Pakistan fought a limited war in Kargil heights located in the valley. Kashmirissue has been discussed many times between India and Pakistan. On 2 July 1972 Shimla accord, signed by Indra Ghandiand Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. On21 February 1999 the x-Prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and Atal Behari Vajpayeesinged Lahore declaration .In July 2001 General Pervaz Musharaf visited India and attended Agra summit. When GeneralPervaz Musharaf took over the control of Pakistan, he changed the Kashmir policy, after9/11 Kashmir issue turned into anew and critical direction. India says Pakistan involves in terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and on the other hand Pakistan without of the opinion and says that Kashmiris are fighting for their self-determination.

Keywords: Foreign Policy, Kashmir, Pakistan

Foreign Policy Strategy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1960-2012: The Missing Link (Published)

The study examined Nigeria Foreign Policy from 1960-2012. The objective was to find out whether there is any change in foreign policy orientation among the various regimes or administrations within the period of study. The method of study employed was historical and descriptive research study methods. To this end, the analysis was done thematically and the results or findings show that the logic and the instrumentality of domestic development linkage theory in foreign policy is virtually lacking in Nigerian foreign policy behaviour.  This is because Afrocentric foreign policy commitment overwhelmingly overshadows domestic reality. Although the Obasanjo’s and Jonathan’s economic diplomacy try to aligned the nation’s economic reality (The NEEDS policy and Transformation agenda) with her international interaction, however, much of the foreign policy resources were not deployed to bear on the welfare of the citizenry hence, the current economic crisis in the country. Based on this, the study recommends a paradigm shift of using foreign policy as an instrument for the revitalizations and the diversification of the nation’s economy to engineer national development.

Keywords: Discourse, Foreign Policy