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Sculpture and Catering Symbiosis: The Trade of Equals (Published)

This paper aims to explore the relationships between sculpture and catering in the area of tools, equipment, materials, and techniques in their exposition. It also aims to expose the health, safety, and environmental measures associated with the practices of these great trades. The methodology involves the use of descriptive and experiential methods. The study employed a descriptive method because the tools, equipment, materials and techniques required for these trades needed to be exposed and appreciated. Experiential method was adopted because the researchers were exploring a new merger. The qualitative technique was engaged as the research centred on information obtained from sculptors, caterers, sculpture and catering trainees, vendors and patrons of sculpture and catering products. Primary information was acquired through interaction and observation, while secondary information was obtained from literary materials. This paper resolves that sculpture and catering as trade have working tools, equipment, materials, techniques, and safety practices worthy of embracing. The study concludes that sculpture and catering have a strong relationship in their practice and processes. The research recommends that sculpture and catering trades have common practices, processes and safety measures since the same or similar tools, equipment, materials and techniques are employed in their trades/practices. It can be said that Sculpture and Catering symbiosis as a trade of equals is real and possible

Citation: Samuel Adentwi Bentum and Mercy Gyamea Atiemoh (2022 Sculpture and Catering Symbiosis: The Trade of Equals, International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education Research, Vol.8, No.1 pp.23-38


Keywords: Catering, Sculpture, catering- sculpture, food-sculpture, sculpture-catering