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Concerns on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security in East Africa (Published)

This is a paper review of work presented at the Machakos University second International Conference in Kenya. Using library research and reflection, document and content analysis were used to generate data, The East African region covered in the paper is that of the six countries set up as the East African Community in 2000. Their economies are reliant on agriculture with low agricultural productivity demonstrating some inabilities in poverty reduction as the majority of the farmers are smallholder farmers engaging mostly women labor. Food and nutrition security are not assured. The agricultural commodities for exports are not so competitive because of the low agricultural value chain with little value addition. The countries are sliding into being net importers of food despite having a huge potential for agriculture and the natural resources possessed. A green revolution, alignment of research and value addition of agricultural commodities including better infrastructure and markets will better their economies.

Keywords: Agriculture, Community, Productivity, Value addition, food and nutrition security