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Dynamic Decision Tree Based Ensembled Learning Model to Forecast Flight Status (Published)

This paper explains the development of an enhanced predictive classifier for flight status that will reduce over fitting observed in existing models. A dynamic approach from ensemble learning technique called bagging algorithm was used to train a number of base learners using a base learning algorithm. The results of the various classifiers were combined, voting was done, by majority the most voted class was picked as the final output. This output was subjected to the decision tree algorithm to produce various replica sets generated from the training set to create various decision tree models. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OO-AD) methodology was adopted for the design and implementation was done with C# programming language. The result achieved was favorable as it was found to predict at an accuracy of 78.3% as against 68.2% accuracy of the existing systems which indicated an enhancement.

Keywords: : Flight Status, Bagging Algorithm, Classification, Ensemble learning, Prediction