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Effect of Waste Tyre Rubber Additive on Concrete Mixture Strength (Published)

This paper studies the influence of shredded rubber from waste tyres on concrete strength .These shredded particles from waste tyres were used to replace the 20mm size aggregate in different percentages (5%, 10% and 15% in volume). Concrete mixtures without these additives were also tested. The experimental results show a reduction of the compressive strength as the percentage of rubber particles increases. Four point bending test conducted on six samples of each specimen also unveil a reduction in the flexural strength and bending capacity of concrete as the rubber content increases. Deflection at failure of the rubberized concrete is more than that of the plain concrete which unveils the ability of the rubberized concrete to withstand larger deformations than the plain concrete.

Keywords: Compressive Strength, Rubberized concrete, Tire shreds, deflections, flexural strength.