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Maupassant’s The Necklace as a Fictional Means of Assuaging the Illusions of Life: The Woman’s Perspective (Published)

The world we live in is an illusion. Unwary people kill themselves for worldly things that easily fade away. Many marriages in different societies of the world shatter simply because the spouses aspire to live above their standard. Most times, some women coerce their husbands into borrowing to buy costly wears for them simply to appear flamboyantly and be noticed in the society. Some people go to the extent of doing every odd thing just to give people the impression that they belong to the aristocratic class in their societies. Fiction is a work of imagination but then, an X-ray of life. This being the case, fiction is not only read for the mere entertainment that it offers, it is also read for the knowledge it offers. Many families today break indiscriminately because the spouses long to own what they cannot afford. In this paper therefore, the researchers examine the role of fiction as it pertains to helping couples live meaningful life in society with particular reference to Maupassant’s The Necklace. The Marxist approach is considered as the appropriate theory for the analysis.

Keywords: Fiction, Jewels, Maupassant, The Necklace, flamboyant, illusion