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Training Needs of Rural Fisherfolks: A Case Study of Itu Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria (Published)

The study ascertained the training needs of rural fisherfolks in Itu Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Data, obtained using multi-stage sampling procedure, were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results revealed that fisherfolks in the study area can be categorized into the following four classes based on their activities: fishers, boat and gears owners, fish sellers/vendors and helpers. The most desired training need for fisherfolks in the fishers category is training on improved fish catching methods using modern fishing gears and the most desired training need for fisherfolks in the boat and gears owners’ category is training on machineries/equipment maintenance; training on fish preservation methods and training on proper fish handling were the most desired training needs of fisherfolks in the fish sellers/vendors category and helpers category respectively. It is recommended that training interventions/programmes targeted at rural fisherfolks by Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies in Akwa Ibom State take cognizance of the identified key training areas in the study to ensure the success of such efforts.

Keywords: Akwa Ibom, Fisherfolks, Needs, Rural