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Fish Consumption Preference among Residents of Hadejia Metropolis, Jigawa State, Nigeria (Published)

This study was conducted to examine the consumption preference of six different fish types in Hadejia metropolis using a total of one hundred and twenty (120) structured questionnaires. The questionnaires covered information on demographic data of the respondents, rate of fish consumption and type of fish consumed between August and November 2015. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result showed that respondents whose their ages fall between (26 – 35years) had the highest representation 36 respondents (30%) majority of the consumers are married 78 respondents (65%) and have attended tertiary institution 38 respondents (31.67%), most of the respondents responded positively in terms of fish consumption 111 respondents (92%) reported to be consuming while 56 respondents (46.7%) mode of consumption were weekly. However 60 respondents (50%) preferred to consume Tilapia monadi and Clarias sp, while 35 respondents (29.17%) consume Tilapia sp only. 6 respondents (5%), preferred Distichodus brevipinnus and Bagrus bayad. In addition 4 respondents (3.33%) favored Bagrus bayad only while 3 respondents (2.5%) Hydrocynus brevis. Few respondents choose two species as their favorite, Bagrus bayad and Gymnarchus niloticus, Tilapia monadi and labeo coubie with 2 (1.67%) and 2 (1.67%) respectively. Other respondents with single fish species preferences include Clarias gariepinus, labeo coubie, Mormyrus rume, Hydrocynus brevis and Bagrus bayad, with 1(0.83%), 1(0.83%), 1(0.83%), 1(0.83%), respectively. Few respondents consume all with 2 respondents (1.67%). The study revealed the availability of the specie, the cost of the fish, freshness, method of processing and taste of the fish affects consumer preference, while constrains to fish demands are low level of consumer income, inadequate fish markets and poor availability of fish farmers.

Keywords: Fish Consumption, Fish type, Hadejia metropolis, Jigawa State