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The Effectiveness and Teaching Methods of First Aid Module in Paaet-Kuwait (Qualitative Study) (Published)

In this qualitative study, students from both genders were randomly targeted from PAAET. A questionnaire were designed in order to investigate the effectiveness of teaching methods and the  benefit from learning First Aid. Results shows that most students strongly agrees that First Aid modules are very important to their life. Students were divided regarding gender and social status. Females were more eager to learn First Aid and married students feel that they need it more than non-married. Forty six percent feel embarrassed when dealing with subjects, and only(63%) believe that they can deal with most cases thoroughly. Females were significantly more capable of rescuing and more confident than males (p<0.00). Significant difference between the firms with respect to student rescue embarrassment was noted, with College of Health sciences responded the least. This study showed some weakness concerning with application capabilities, confidence and personal attitude toward subjects.

Keywords: : First Aid, Application, Gender, PAAET