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This study investigates the financial performance of Erbil Bank for Investment and Finance, Kurdistan Region of Iraq during the period of 2009-2013. Several financial performance parameters are used such as financial ratios analysis which is used to measure the financial position for the bank and on broader range statistical tools also have been used for analysis purpose of several variables which would affect the banking system in general in order to know whether these variables are significantly correlated with the financial performance for the bank. The findings of the study show the positive behaviour of the financial position for Erbil Bank and some of their financial factors variables influence the financial performance for the bank. Then, it is found that the overall financial performance of Erbil Bank is improving in terms of liquidity ratios, assets quality ratios or credit performance, profitability ratios (NPM, ROA, ROE). This study suggests a set of recommendations regarding the development and enhancing of some banking operations which will boost the bank’s profitability and improve the financial performance for the bank

Keywords: Case Study, Erbil Bank, Evaluating, Financial Performance, Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios and Firm’s Value in Bahrain Bourse (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper attempts to measure how financial ratios explain the firms’ value through price earnings ratio or market to book ratio in the Bahrain Bourse. All listed companies in Bahrain Bourse, with the exception of the closed ones, are used over the period of 1995 to 2013. Using all the main categories in financial ratios such as profitability, liquidity, efficiency and debt, the paper founds that return on assets (ROA) is the most determinant factor in explaining the market value followed by financial leverage and beta. Furthermore, the findings revealed that size of the firm also has a significant effect on the market value. Size of the firm is measured through total assets and Tobin’s Q ratio. In this respect, investors perceive different signals from small firms compared to large ones, and from growth firms compared to no-growth firms. On the sector analysis, it is found that ROA is the main determinant factor for explaining the value of the firm

Keywords: : Bahrain Bourse, Financial Ratios, Firm Value, Size and Sector Effect, Tobin's Q