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The Role of Over-The-Counter (OTC) Derivatives in Global Financial Crisis and Corporate Failures in Recent Times and Its Regulatory Impacts (Published)

The paper examined the role played by over-the –counter (OTC) derivatives in the recent global financial crisis and corporate failures, and the extent to which these have impacted the regulation of OTC derivatives products and markets. The research methodology employed is the critical analysis of empirical literature. The findings of the paper are therefore mixed as there were divergent views as to OTC derivatives being the sole cause of the global financial crisis and corporate failures among stakeholders. The paper therefore proposed consistency in OTC derivatives reforms among countries, proper supervision by regulatory bodies over OTC participants among others.

Keywords: Financial Markets, Over - The – Counter, Regulation, Risk, derivatives, financial crisis

Impact of Financial Markets on the Economic Growth of East Africa (Published)

This paper aims at critically analyzing the impact of financial markets in trying to influence the magnitude and direction of economic growth as they purpose to intermediate funds between surplus spenders and deficit spenders within East Africa. Some of the past researches have revealed that the performance of financial markets have a significant impact on the growth of economy. We examine how the money markets, corporate and Government Bond markets, the stock markets impact on the growth of the economy within East Africa. We model our problem to incorporate financial markets operations, capital flows from foreign nations and the local market capital structure to depict their influence in the level of economic growth within East Africa. It involved conducting a systematic review of literature papers in the field of financial markets through content analysis to draw conclusion and recommendations.  Governments especially in less developed countries need to enhance and develop robust financial markets in order to realize the full potential of foreign direct investment. Financial markets act as linkages between the foreign financial markets and the economy. With better managed financial markets, the spillovers from direct foreign investment are capable of influencing great economic development in host countries.


Keywords: East Africa, Financial Markets, economic growth