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Influence of Mothers and Female Students Location on Their Attitudes Towards Female Genital Mutilation: Counselling Implication (Published)

This study assessed the influence of mothers and female student’s location on their attitudes towards female genital mutilation in Delta state, Nigeria: counselling implication. The design was the cross sectional descriptive survey research design. Two questions were raised with their correspondent hypothesis while the population comprised all mothers and female secondary school students in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, the instrument used for the study was a questionnaire titled “Female Genital Mutilation Attitude Survey Scale (FGMASS) which was adopted and modified by the researchers. Data were analysed using Analysis of Variance. The results revealed that there was no significant difference in the attitude of mothers towards Female Genital Mutilation in both urban and rural area; however, there was a significant difference in the attitude of female secondary school students towards Female Genital Mutilation in both urban and rural areas.

Keywords: Mothers, attitude and genital mutilation, female students

Female Students’ Participation in Mathematics Education at the University Level in Ghana (Published)

For more than three decades now, a great body of research studies have been conducted to address the issue of gender disparities in mathematics education across the globe as a result of the minimal participation of females in mathematics education in higher levels of education. The primary purpose of this study, however, was to investigate female students’ participation in mathematics education at the university level. It considered 99 female students’ studying mathematics education from the University of Cape Coast and the University of Education, Winneba. The study used descriptive survey design to analyse both qualitative and quantitative data gathered from respondents. The study revealed among other things that the trend of enrolment of female students’ in mathematics education is on the decline. Also, the study revealed that enjoyment derived from studying mathematics education, career opportunities in mathematics education, desire to study mathematics education, interest in mathematics education, were some of the reasons why female students participate in mathematics education. The assertion that mathematics is a male domain subject was not a perception of female mathematics education students who participated in this study. Conclusions, implications and recommendations are further discussed in the work.


Keywords: Mathematics Education, Participation, Perception, female students, university level