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The Impacts of Ghanaian Culture, Traditions and Norms on Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs): A Case of the Female Entrepreneur (Published)

This study is to outline the effects of the Ghanaian culture, traditions and norms on small medium scale enterprise (SMEs), with special reference to the female entrepreneur. The study seeks to find out the effects of culture, traditions and norms brings on female entrepreneurs who operate small medium scale enterprises in Ghana. Female entrepreneurs have been identified as individuals that encounter more obstacles in starting and growing their businesses as compared to their male counterparts especially within the small scale business where they are predominantly employed. In finding a solution to the problems, the study will seek to find out shortfalls which affect females who own small scale businesses in Ghana. The study covered female entrepreneurs who owned and manage their own businesses at Adum (a suburb and heart of business district of Kumasi, the second largest city of Ghana). Both primary data which include interviews and questionnaires and secondary data such as internet, journals, news peppers and articles were used for the study. The result of the findings revealed that female entrepreneurs encounter some limitations in their businesses such as being a mother and at the same time an entrepreneur, fear of losing their husbands, perception of being home careers and difficulty in accessing loans. Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended that female entrepreneurs should be sensitive to the factors impinging on the performance of their businesses. Again, in order to effectively manage these factors, they should network with other entrepreneurs to help them build their capabilities and self-confidence.

Keywords: Female Entrepreneurs; Culture; Tradition and Norms; Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Ghana