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Female Genital Mutilation: A Rite Of Passage or a Breach of Women’s Rights in Nigeria (Published)

Female genital mutilation or female circumcision constitutes one of the vital challenges confronting the rights of women in Nigeria. Attempts geared towards its complete eradication have remained unsuccessful to date due to the fact that the practice is entrenched in the culture or traditional beliefs of the people. The article sought to address the question whether female genital mutilation was merely a rite of passage or it amounted to a grave violation of women’s rights in Nigeria. A number of justifications have been advanced for the continued practice of female genital mutilation in Nigeria. Nonetheless, the study revealed that the practice, though considered as an initiation rite into womanhood in some communities, posed serious immediate and long term health consequences to the victims as well as violated various human rights’ principles guaranteed under international, regional and national instruments. Thus, the article recommended, inter alia, that the Nigerian government and all relevant global and local stakeholders should adopt suitable mechanism towards the abolition of the practice in Nigeria. 

Keywords: Culture, Female Circumcision, Female Genital Mutilation, discriminatory practices, female genital cutting, rite of passage, women’s rights

Community Construction of Female Circumcision in Madura (Published)

The purpose of this study to explore about the construction of Madurese society against female circumcision. The specific purpose of this study was to analyze the motives (reasons) behind female circumcision and the process of female circumcision. The method used in this research is an in-depth interview on the informant. The research informants were circumcised women, dukun (medical) who performed female circumcision. The result of the research shows that the reason for female circumcision motive is to dispose of najis women, preserving customs

Keywords: Female Circumcision, Madura, Unclean

The Abrasion Female Circumcision: A Legal Coverage (Published)

It would seem that the legal abrasion and subjugation faced by females in Africa knows no bounds or age. The international Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights provides that “everybody has the right to attain the highest possible standard of health” and this includes the right to reproductive health for all. In relation to females this includes the ability to have a satisfying and safe sex life. Unfortunately in the area of satisfying and safe sex life to say the least, culture has introduced a stricture for women in the form of Female Genital Mutilation. This practice is rife among many cultural groups in Nigeria and indeed some other African communities. This paper will explore the practice in Nigerian communities and x-ray the legal abrasions attendant in this practice. Recommendations as to the way forward shall also be proffered.

Keywords: Abrasion, Female Circumcision, Legal Coverage