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Effective School and Its Role in Achieving the Characteristics of the Encouraging Educational Environment in Jordanian Public Schools (Published)

The objective of the present study was to measure the contribution of the effective school in achieving the characteristics of the encouraging educational environment in Jordanian public schools. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the analytical descriptive approach in terms of applying the study tool, the study population may be from all eighth grade students at the Ras al-Majar Primary Mixed School, The study found that the active school contributes to the characteristics of the encouraging educational environment in the Jordanian public schools by 55.2%. The researcher recommended the necessity of spreading the effective school culture in all areas of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan because of its many benefits in improving the educational environment.

Keywords: Education, Fan, Features, School

Interpretation of Conversation from the Perspective of Dissipative Structure (Published)

Conversation is considered as a dissipative structure, on the basis of the input of information, conversation becomes structured. Conversation is also an open system; conversation will affect the outside if there is negentropy input from the outside environment. In conversation, information is the negentropy. The interpretation of conversation development makes us have a better understanding of conversation theoretically and practically. In the paper, the author describes and interprets the conversation from the perspective of dissipative structure, with the expectation to supply a new perspective for the study of conversational structure.

Keywords: Conversation Development, Dissipative Structure Theory, Features, Interpretative of Conversation