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A Morphological Analysis of feature articles in the Print Media (Published)

This paper entitled “A Morphological Analysis of feature articles in the the Print Media” attempts a survey of the language use in feature articles in The Nation and The Chronicles Newspapers using Critical Case Purposive sampling technique, One human interest and seasonal feature article was chosen each from the newspapers under study. The Halliday’s Systemic Functional Grammar was used to analyse the language use in the selected feature articles.The research examines the language used in nigerian feature articles using lexico-morphological sub-linguistic approach. The paper revealed that the language of nigerian feature articles holds noticeable rareness in its lexico-morphology, it showed significant linguistic deviations pertaining to word formation and lexical meaning. The study further emphasized that the feature article writers use their own peculiar approach to writing which could be in form of word-coinages, informal expressions, captivating images or use of indigenous languages to communicate the intended information. The paper therefore concludes that the language of feature articles is affected by the perspective of the writer.

Keywords: Morphology, Print Media, feature articles, the Nation Newspapers and the Chronicles Newspapers